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Present Probability

7%. That is the 15 year survival rate of multiple myeloma patients. That is how much power the world generates from nuclear power. That is the percent of engineers with girlfriends (rough estimate). That is the probability that was given … Continue reading

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An Ode About Chilo Rachal

Let me tell you a story, About a team. Who played for 9 years, Without a dream. Without much luck, They drafted and toiled. Spending money, Only to get foiled. Occasionally they’d get, A player like Gore. But then someone … Continue reading

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Coaching Confidence

It’s the 3rd quarter with about 2 minutes left.  The 49ers were in the middle of a tough game against the Lions and it had been an ugly day to that point.  Neither team had really done much since the … Continue reading

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Giant Tune-Up

The other week I spent 6 hours at my cousin’s house getting my old Diesel’s air conditioning working before my exodus back to Los Angeles.  As per normal, I hardly did any work but rather observed in a detached state … Continue reading

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