About OBD

Hello and Welcome to One Bottle Debrief!  Or ‘OBD’ as the French say in Spanish.  The OBD team has a diverse ensemble of writers* who really love their Bay Area sports, being fans of the 49ers, Giants, and Warriors at the exact moment they all became irrelevant (I’m looking at you Jim Druckenmiller!).  Our team has spent more weeks than they would care to admit scouring the interwebs for information that doesn’t matter at all and with a combined 22 years of sports knowledge and more time spent reading sports news than hours in the day, we really care about these teams.

OBD is like that girlfriend you liked but would never bring home to your parents: fun, new, slightly trashy, but also capable of an intelligent conversation.  We’re not trying to be all informative, but just highlight some interesting stuff relating to our teams, using a combination of wit, insight, and statistics to make a point.  You won’t find a thesis about how your favorite player’s last rehab went, but hopefully you’ll laugh and maybe even learn a bit.

What OBD is:

  • awesome
  • informative
  • interesting
  • a different take
  • deep commentary on sport related issues that fans of the team care about
  • focused on the 49ers, Warriors, and Giants

What OBD isn’t:

  • a place for every single news update about your team
  • boring

In the time it takes to open up a can of pop and sip it slowly, we hope you’ll have read something longer than the average article but much more insightful.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.

* Writer.  Singular.  This just got embarrassing.


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