An Ode About Chilo Rachal

Let me tell you a story,
About a team.
Who played for 9 years,
Without a dream.

Without much luck,
They drafted and toiled.
Spending money,
Only to get foiled.

Occasionally they’d get,
A player like Gore.
But then someone like Balmer,
And nothing much more.

After 2009,
Hopes seemed to get better.
Then 2010,
Things couldn’t get deader.

But they entered 2011,
Started one and one.
Yet it finally seemed the team,
Could get it done.

On an 8 game win streak,
The 49ers they went.
Giving all that they could,
Until they were spent.

There was Willis and Bowman,
And Vernon Davis too.
And oh my Alex Smith!
The way he threw.

Then came week 12,
The Ravens they played.
With two brothers,
A rivalry was made.

It was a rough first half,
Both defenses played well.
Then Adam Snyder got injured,
And the 49ers, they fell.

Entered Chilo Rachal,
Oh what’s in a name!
From the moment he entered,
It changed the game.

Alex Smith returned,
To 2007 form.
The fans, they hated it,
Giving him scorn.

The Ravens collapsed,
The right side of the line.
Smith had to throw,
With barely no time.

Crabtree and Davis,
Worked as hard as they could.
If they were able to help,
Surely they would.

But Chilo Rachal,
Made it impossible to bare.
Since no one could escape,
Not even a hare.

Sack after sack,
Alex smith took.
It got so bad,
We could barely look.

Even though the defense did try,
To give it their best.
Nine sacks later,
I think you know the rest.

The 49ers must find a replacement,
For it’s been fun,
Because if they don’t,
They’ll be one and done.

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2 Responses to An Ode About Chilo Rachal

  1. bruce says:

    With their first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers select, Kelechi Osemele OG Iowa State.

  2. Jessica says:

    Ha! This is genius! Nice job!

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